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Abigail Grubb
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Star Formation

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"If you don't believe people can change... what is the point of living? Of trying?"

- Rosa, Scene 10

On a plane to confront her birthmother in Río Laura meets Pedro, a Brazilian student attending school in NYC on his way to be with his family for the summer. The two connect as he helps her navigate her way in an unfamiliar homeland. On their journey they find themselves learning more about their own families, forgiveness, and what it really means to be  home.

By Fernando Buzhar Segall

October 27th, 7pm  NYC

By Andrew Young

A Film In Development

"To Louisa Díaz...and her father...from one fossil hunter to another "

- Schofield

In the rolling dunes of the Mojave Desert, fossil hunter Lou searches for what remains of an ancient beast to avenge her late father's  legacy. When hijacked by academic gringos, she must look deep and kick ass to protect her father's life work. Along the way she faces her own past and learns that the love and lessons of her ancestors are more powerful than she ever thought possible. 


Abigail Grubb
"Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart? If the answer is no, you will know it, and then you must choose another path. "
- Carlos Castaneda

Bienvenidos! I'm Abigail (she/her) a multi-cultural director born in Appalachia and currently based in the Bronx on the unceded lands of the Lenape people. I am a storyteller by nature and find joy in creating intersectional opportunities that push field and form forward.  My process in founded in deep textual exploration and physical work that brings new stories to life. The goal of each and every project I take on is to provoke discourse towards progress and equity  by centering our shared humanity.

I have a passion for working with writers at the generative stage to create and craft new plays, musicals, and films. A dramaturg at heart, I love to dig deep with writers and makers to unlock the deepest truths and questions about these stories to build the world of our piece and have it fully realized. 


Being at the confluence of  many different cultures, jobs, art forms, and experiences has inspired me to embark on a path of art making for change making. My vision of the entertainment industry is one in which organizations work with artists to meet  needs collectively in order to develop an ecosystem of community support that uplifts and celebrates one another.  I want to see an industry where everyone has a seat at the table and power & "success" is not synonymous with financial capital.

I am currently on staff with Musical Theatre Factory & CJAM Consulting and am a proud associate member of SDC.