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Abigail Grubb
Director    Producer    Administrator

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The Waiting is a folk musical that centers around widowed mother Chlo Evans shortly after the disappearance of her young daughter, Willow. As Chlo searches for her daughter, she discovers a parallel universe, The InBetween, where lost souls wait to pass through to the afterlife. Here Chlo learns that people she’s lost in life are not as far gone as they may seem. As Chlo’s understanding of her reality bends, will she be able to go beyond the pain of her loss, or will her soul stay trapped by the padlock of grief?

The Waiting
A New Folk Musical 

By Andrew Young

A Film In Development

"To Louisa Díaz...and her father...from one fossil hunter to another "

- Schofield

In the rolling dunes of the Mojave Desert, fossil hunter Lou searches for what remains of an ancient beast to avenge her late father's  legacy. When hijacked by academic gringos, she must look deep and kick ass to protect her father's life work. Along the way she faces her own past and learns that the love and lessons of her ancestors are more powerful than she ever thought possible. 

"It's true that hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?"~ Ronald Reagan

What happens when the story you've been sold for your entire adult life of the American Dream never comes true? This documentary film follows the stories of three working-class families who have found themselves at retirement age and are disillusioned to find that the once-promised fantasy of enjoying retirement is not a promise available to those who work and live paycheck to paycheck. A bitter-sweet collection of stories, Salt of the Earth sheds light on the systemic failures while finding the light and lessons of hope that these individuals have inspired in their children and families.

Salt of the Earth
A Documentary of Hope

A Film In Development


Abigail Grubb
Featured Work
"Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart? If the answer is no, you will know it, and then you must choose another path. "
- Carlos Castaneda

Bienvenidos! I am Abigail (they/she), a multicultural director born amidst the rugged beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, currently residing in the Bronx, on the unceded lands of the Lenape people. My eclectic upbringing has been rooted in the mystique of the Appalachian lore, stirred together with my abuelito's cherished tales, recipes, and songs from our shared heritage. This blend of cultures and experiences nurtured in me the essence of a natural storyteller.


In creating art, my mission is to forge intersectional opportunities that advance the form and challenge societal norms. My approach is deeply rooted in textual exploration and physical work, forming a catalyst for stories that echo with life and resilience. I firmly believe in the transformative power of stories to mend and challenge systems of oppression.


My training as a Curandera, coupled with my knowledge of herbalism and meditation, has made me acutely aware of the cyclical nature of energy - from the physical realm to our minds and bodies, underlining our potential as agents of change. Every project I undertake aims to promote healing and provoke dialogue, aligning progress with our shared human experience.


My enthusiasm is particularly focused on working alongside writers and actors during the generative stages, crafting narratives for plays, musicals, and films. As a dramaturg, my endeavor is to unearth the deepest truths and queries within stories, enabling us to construct and realize the universe of our piece. My approach to working with actors is rooted in physicality. I believe that guiding actors through physical exercises, using my background in Lucid Body, Meisner, and Uta Hagen acting techniques, and my training as a dancer in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern, instills a greater depth and purpose to their characters and the world they inhabit.


Intriguingly, my life sits at the crossroads of various cultures, jobs, art forms, and experiences, inspiring me to merge art with activism. I envision an entertainment industry where artists and organizations coalesce to foster a supportive community, wherein power and success aren't defined by monetary wealth, but by the celebration and upliftment of one another.


Currently, I serve on the staff of the Musical Theatre Factory and CJAM Consulting, and I am a proud associate member of SDC. Additionally, I'm the co-founder and Program Director of the June Bingham New Playwright Commission, working in tandem with award-winning director, Devanand Janki.

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