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About Abigail 

Duality and complexity are elements I embrace as an artist and human. Having many tools in your toolkit benefit your work and your collaborators. Though my career has many paths, they all  share one common mission:

Bring new stories into the world in order to change it. 



My work as a Director spans mediums from stage to film. I enjoy working on pieces that draw on heightened reality/myths and legends, center on family, relationships, and pieces that feature elements of surrealism and dark comedy. 

As a visual artist, professional photographer, dancer, and amateur musician, I have a keen eye for detail, aesthetics, composition, space, movement, and sound and how these elements work cohesively to tell a story. Each project has a distinct visual and auditory language. A dramaturg at heart, my process involves deep research and interrogation to develop the world of the piece and the characters who exist in it.


Collaboration is key. A good director knows that their job is not to have all the best ideas but to know when the best idea is in the room. When you open your space to collaboration with a strong team of creatives and actors, what you can accomplish is boundless. 

I am a proud associate member of SDC.


Telling stories doesn't happen solely on the stage or screen. When I see work that I'm passionate about and want to support, I get involved any way I can. This has led me to produce shows independently as a producer, creative producer and as a line producer with Musical Theatre Factory. 


I love pooling resources to support new work wherever it is in its developmental life cycle. I have produced industry workshops of new musicals,  plays, and concerts. I also currently serve as the producer for MTF's monthly People of Color Roundtable.



My career in arts administration has spanned departments from Development to Artistic to Systems and Operations. I have found so much joy in learning with and supporting small organizations as they provide resources in the service of their communities. 

Currently, I am on staff as the Development Manager at Musical Theatre Factory (MTF), a non-profit artist service organization in NYC. Our mission is to dismantle oppressive ideologies towards collective liberation through powerful and joyful story and song.


I am also currently on staff with CJAM Consulting, a small Harlem-based firm committed to arts, cultural, and justice institutions that foreground communities of color, honor legacy, and contribute to economic vitality.

I also serve as an Artistic Associate with Live & In Color, a small artist service organization based in Connecticut that revolves around an annual developmental retreat. Here I have served in various capacities, including designing and launching the June Bingham New Playwright's Commission, which supports the commission of a new play by up and coming femme theatre-makers.

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